October 6, 2014

Launcher Final Mission Analysis Review

The Launcher Final Mission Analysis Review has been held in May 2007 as a project internal review in Krunichev facilities in Moskow.

As SMOS will be launched together with PROBA-2 as a co-passenger, the FMAM review has been jointly conducted by a combined team of representatives of both projects.

Representatives from ESA, CNES and Thales-Alenia-Space (the Proteus Platform Contractor), Russian company Khrunichev which manufactures the launcher and Eurockot, a company commonly established by EADS and Khrunichev participated to this review.

The FMAM objectives were to confirm the compatibility between the launcher and the 2 satellites by reviewing:

  • The various analyses dealing with the interfaces between the launcher and the satellites in the mechanical, thermal, electrical domains,
  • The launcher performances in terms of orbit requirements, launch, injection parameters and separation scenario and mission timeline for SMOS and PROBA-2,
  • The communication as well on-site as between the Launch Site and the Satellite Operations Ground Segment.

Results expected were:

  • To release the manufacturing of the Spacecraft / Satellites adapters,
  • To establish a common baseline for the Joint Operations plan and the launch campaign master schedule.

Assessment of different aspects has been checked through three different panels: System panel, Satellite panel and Product Assurance panel.

Thanks to all participants to this review all technical points have been discussed and clarified in a very focussed manner, allowing to process all the 114 RID's raised within 2 days. No major critical issues or show-stoppers have been identified during the FMAM review. As the major issues identified at the previous review have been worked-out and solved and adequately presented for the FMAM, all objectives are met.

A joint ESA/CNES/Eurockot Board held in ESA/ESTEC premises in June 12 declared formally the FMAM review successful.

Nevertheless a Delta-FMAM will be necessary next year to account for the consolidated Launch Period and Date.