October 6, 2014

7th SMOS science workshop

The 7th SMOS science workshop organised by ESA and the SMOS PI was held at ESRIN Frascati from october 20 to 31 2007.

There were over 100 participants from 18 countries (Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Egypt and Pakistan).

The workshop was focussed on the in-flight commissioning phase definition aspects as well as the calibration and validation actions.

After presentations on the project status, where the ground segment aspects were in focus, with presentations discussions about level 1 et 2 processors, as well as presentations of past and future airborn campaigns. The groupe has iterated the in-flight commissioning optimisation as well as the airborn campaigns definition.

Within this workshop, a special attention was given to Cal Val key sites as well as cryospheric activities. Quasi real time activities were also described as well as the impact on the meteorology centers involvment and notably the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forcast.

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