October 6, 2014

SOGS delivery to the operation team

The SOGS, adapted from the generic Proteus Ground Segment, has been integrated during the summer 06 and was finally delivered by CNES code DCT/PS (responsible: Paul GELIE), in charge of its development, to CNES code DCT/OP, responsible for its final validation and its exploitation during the actual SMOS mission.

The SOGS equipment are now installed in FRESNEL building in a location it will keep until the end of the LEOP phase (launch + 2 weeks). After LEOP, equipement will be transferred to the nominal control center location where all Proteus family satellite are jointly operated.

Before the beginning of the system validation phase, planned to start in March 2007, the following tasks will be achieved:

  • installation of the final space mechanics software (called G2) whose Factory Acceptance Testing has been satisfactorilly obtained the last week of November in THALES premises.
  • installation of the final version of the Satellite simulator "PRESTO", developed by SPACEBEL, which will be used during the system validation phase in 2007.
  • test of the exchanges with the ESA mission operation center (PLPC), at ESTEC and then at ESAC to retrieve the SMOS instrument TC's, the request for satellite manoeuvres (instrument calibration) and to transmit the instrument and satellite housekeeping data.

Global view of the SOGS with its various computers:
G1 for TM/TC management,
G2 for orbit and manœuvre calculation,
G3 for archiving and
G4 for interfacing with ESA Mission Center in Spain
Detail of the G2 machine

The Operation "VIP's". From left to right:
Nathalie CORCORAL, responsible for Proteus operation preparation,
Bertrand RAFFIER, Flight operation engineer,
Christophe LAMANT, Ground operation engineer.