October 6, 2014

Summary of Mission Events

January 2014Who's Next?
July 3, 2012SMOS satellite measurements improve as ground radars switch off
November 17, 2010One year ago, SMOS was switched on and delivered its first "image"
September 30, 2010Inauguration of SMOS satellite CATDS in Brest
End of January 2010Successful end of in-flight commissioning review for SMOS system
November 2, 2009Launch
November 2009Launch acceptance review
October 2009CATDS Production and distribution center delivery to IFREMER
Mid-September to November 2009Launch campaign at Plesetsk launch site
September 16, 2009Shipment of the Satellite to Plesetsk launch site
August 2009Consolidation of SMOS launch date
May 2009Mission Flight Acceptance Review
April 2009Operation Readiness Review
October 2008 to November 2009In orbit Operations preparation
February 2009Launcher Final Mission Analysis Delta Review
July 2008 to September 2009Storage of the Satellite in Thalès Alenia Space premise in Cannes
July 2008Satellite Qualification Review
May 2008ITT for the CATDS L3 and 4 Operational processors
July 2007 - June 2008Satellite Flight Model integration and tests (Vibration, Thermal Vacuum, EMC) at Thalès Alenia Space Cannes facilities
April 2008The launch date of SMOS has been officially confirmed by ESA in April 2009
5-7 March 2008Satellite System Validation Test (SSVT) 1
February 2008Delivery Key Point Data Processing Ground Segment V1
November 2007Signature with IFREMER of an agreement for SMOS.
July 2007 - April 2008Satellite Flight Model integration and tests (Vibration, Thermal Vacuum, EMC) at TAS Cannes facilities
Pictures of the tests and integration
June 2007Susanne Mecklenburg has been nominated as SMOS Mission Manager at ESA ESRIN
June 2007Payload Flight Model delivery at Cannes
May 2007Launcher Final Mission Analysis Review
April 2007SMOS Platform Flight Model delivery
March 2007System Tests Qualification Key Point
January 2007 - June 2007Payload Flight Model environment Test (Vibration, Thermal Vacuum, EMC) at ESTECfacilities
December 2006SMOS Satellite Operations Ground Segment (SOGS) delivery to the operation team
November 2006Level 2 Ground Segment Quality Review
Summer 2006SMOS Satellite Critical Design Review
March 2006Launcher Preliminary Mission Analysis Review
February 2006Start of the Activities of Integration and Tests of SMOS Platform Flight Model
February 2006Overal Ground Segment Preliminary Design Review
February 2006SMOS LEVEL 2 processors Critical Design Review
January 2006DPGS Preliminary Design Review
November 2005Satellite Operations Ground Segment definition Key point
October 2005Payload Critical Design Review
September 2005Start of Satellite Phase C
September 2005SMOS LEVEL 2 soil moisture processor Preliminary Design Review (Toronto Canada)
June 2005Payload environment Test on development models (Vibration, Thermal Vacuum, EMC)
March-September 2005Satellite Phase B/C Bridging phase
March 2005Satellite Preliminary Design Review
December 2004ESA's IPC go ahead to procure a launch vehicle from Eurockot
October 2004Start of Satellite Phase B
September 2004SMOS seminar held in Lisboa, Portugal
August 2004Notification of CNES/ALCATEL contract for Satellite Phase B/C/D activities
June 2004Start of payload construction Phases C/D
April 2004ESA / CNES Mission Preliminary Design Review
November 2003Approval for full implemention
October 2003End of payload Phase B, design completed
November 2001End of payload Phase A with scientific and technical review. Recommendation received to proceed with implementation.
November 2001EuroSTARSS 01 campaign.
October 2000Start of payload feasibility studies (Phase A)
April 1999Selection of SMOS
July 1998Call for proposals