October 6, 2014

Summary of Science Events

January 2014What lies beneath?
October 2013SMOS sees triple superstorms
June 2013SMOS maps record soil water before flood
February 2013SMOS: the global success story continues
November 9, 2012Super storm Sandy tracked by SMOS
November 5-9, 2012SMOS formation session
October 2012SMOS has a better look at salinity
July 2012SMOS works with water
June 2012Thanks to SMOS, the A. Wegener Institutes found that the North-East Passage could soon be free from ice
June 19, 2012Over 30 years of global soil moisture observations for climate applications
June 20122012, European year of water
March 2012Drought over Western Europe
February 2012SMOS water mission turns hurricane hunter
December 2011SMOS detects freezing soil as winter takes grip
December 2011SMOS maps Europe's dry autumn soils
November 2011The presentations of SMOS Science Workshop are available
September 27-29, 2011SMOS Science workshop CNES/ESA in Arles, France
May 10, 2011Drought shaping up
February 1, 2011Australia and Yasi... New floods? ... what is SMOS seeing to help forecasts?
November 17, 2010One year ago, SMOS was switched on and delivered its first "image"
October 2010SMOS water mission winning battle with interference in Spain
30 August 2010SMOS detects and monitors the Amazon and Orinoco freshwater plumes
13 August 2010Floods in Pakistan as detected by SMOS
30 March 2010SMOS satellite bothered by human radio emissions
3-4 April 2008International SMOS Workshop organised by CNES and CESBIO. It was held at Pezenas France.
November 2007ESA has selected the teams that are taken in the SMOS Science AO.
November 2007The level 1 and 2 algorithm prototypes are under validation.
October 2007The 7th SMOS science workshop organised by ESA and the SMOS PI was held at ESRIN Frascati from october 20 to 31 2007.
October 2007The MELBEX campaign in Valencia (Spain) was completed successfully and the site is preparing to become a calibration site.
The sumer measurement campaign in Antarctic has been postponed to next austral summer (winter 2009-2010)
July 2007SMOS Special Session at [no-lexicon]IGARS [/no-lexicon]in Barcelona
June 2007SMOS Science AO currently under way. Call for proposal ended on June 1st
June 2007CoSMAus data under analysis
Several campaigns of the HUT demonstrator have taken place in 2006-2007
MELBEX campaign in Valencia (Spain) initiated, planned to last until end of growing season.
2007Special IEEE TGARS Edition on SMOS in preparation
2007Level 2 Algorithm undergoing validation
Preparation of the operational version
CATDS (L3-L4) ATBD currently under way.
End 2006Level 2 Algorithm Validation Plan Review
November 2006Level 2 Ground Segment Quality Review
November 2006National Australian Field Experiment (NAFE) - SMOS experiment
May 15th to 17th, 2006Sixth SMOS Workshop (TUD Denmark)
January 2006DPGS Preliminary Design Review
November 2005SMOS CAL VAL Investigator meeting (Avila - Spain)
October - December 2005National Australian Field Experiment (NAFE) experiment
October - November 2005CoSMAus field campaign in Australia
December 2004Fifth SMOS Workshop Frascati Italy
April 2004First joint SMOS/Aquarius/Hydros Workshop held in Miami, USA
April 2003Fourth SMOS Workshop held in Porto, Portugal
December 2001Third SMOS Workshop held in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
November 2000Second SMOS Workshop held in Toulouse, France
September 1999First SMOS Workshop held in Barcelona, Spain
July 1998Call for proposals